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Stream Pre-Recorded Data

Follow these steps to playback recorded data through the MNE Rt Server to MNE Scan.

  • Navigate to the FiffSimulation.cfg file in your MNE-CPP install directory, e.g., mne-cpp\bin\resources\mne_rt_server_plugins\FiffSimulation.cfg.
  • Open the FiffSimulation.cfg with a text editor and insert the path and file name of the fif file which you want to stream. For example: simFile = ./MNE-sample-data/MEG/sample/ernoise_raw.fif
  • Save and close the FiffSimulation.cfg file
  • Start the mne_rt_server mne-cpp\bin\mne_rt_server
  • Start MNE Scan mne-cpp\bin\mne_scan
  • Select the FiffSimulator plug-in and place it on the plug-in scene. Make sure to delete all other plug-ins on the stage.

  • Click on the FiffSimulator plug-in and select the Connection tab. If you have started the mne_rt_server on your local machine, use IP and press Connect. The status should change to Connected.
  • Click on the FiffSimulator plug-in and select the Preferences tab. We recommend to use the same block size as the sampling frequency. This way the data will be refreshed every second. 

  • Press the green play button in the left upper corner.

  • If you click on the FiffSimulator plug-in you should now see the real-time data display.