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DISP3DLIB::GpuInterpolationItem Class Reference

This item is used for signal interpolation with GPU support. More...

#include <gpuinterpolationitem.h>

Public Types

typedef QSharedPointer< GpuInterpolationItemSPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< const GpuInterpolationItemConstSPtr
- Public Types inherited from DISP3DLIB::Renderable3DEntity
typedef QSharedPointer< Renderable3DEntitySPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< const Renderable3DEntityConstSPtr

Public Member Functions

 GpuInterpolationItem (Qt3DCore::QEntity *p3DEntityParent=Q_NULLPTR, int iType=Data3DTreeModelItemTypes::GpuInterpolationItem, const QString &text="3D Plot")
 ~GpuInterpolationItem ()
virtual void initData (const Eigen::MatrixX3f &matVertices, const Eigen::MatrixX3f &matNormals, const Eigen::MatrixX3i &matTriangles)
virtual void setInterpolationMatrix (QSharedPointer< Eigen::SparseMatrix< float > > pMatInterpolationMatrix)
virtual void addNewRtData (const Eigen::VectorXf &tSignalVec)
virtual void setThresholds (const QVector3D &tVecThresholds)
virtual void setColormapType (const QString &tColormapType)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DISP3DLIB::Abstract3DTreeItem
 Abstract3DTreeItem (QEntity *p3DEntityParent=0, int iType=Data3DTreeModelItemTypes::UnknownItem, const QString &text="")
void setData (const QVariant &value, int role=Qt::UserRole+1)
int type () const
QList< QStandardItem * > findChildren (int type)
QList< QStandardItem * > findChildren (const QString &text)
Abstract3DTreeItemoperator<< (Abstract3DTreeItem *newItem)
Abstract3DTreeItemoperator<< (Abstract3DTreeItem &newItem)
void setAlpha (float fAlpha)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DISP3DLIB::Renderable3DEntity
 Renderable3DEntity (Qt3DCore::QEntity *parent=0)
virtual ~Renderable3DEntity ()
virtual void setTransform (const Qt3DCore::QTransform &transform)
virtual void setTransform (const FIFFLIB::FiffCoordTrans &transform, bool bApplyInverse=false)
virtual void applyTransform (const Qt3DCore::QTransform &transform)
virtual void applyTransform (const FIFFLIB::FiffCoordTrans &transform, bool bApplyInverse=false)
virtual float scaleValue () const
virtual float rotX () const
virtual float rotY () const
virtual float rotZ () const
virtual QVector3D position () const
virtual void applyRotX (float rotX)
virtual void setRotX (float rotX)
virtual void applyRotY (float rotY)
virtual void setRotY (float rotY)
virtual void applyRotZ (float rotZ)
virtual void setRotZ (float rotZ)
virtual void applyPosition (const QVector3D &position)
virtual void setPosition (const QVector3D &position)
virtual void applyScale (float scale)
virtual void setScale (float scale)
virtual void setVisible (bool state)
virtual void setMaterialParameter (const QVariant &data, const QString &sParameterName)
virtual QVariant getMaterialParameter (const QString &sParameterName)

Protected Member Functions

virtual QByteArray buildInterpolationMatrixBuffer (QSharedPointer< Eigen::SparseMatrix< float > > pMatInterpolationMatrix)
virtual QByteArray buildZeroBuffer (const uint tSize)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DISP3DLIB::Abstract3DTreeItem
virtual void initItem ()
virtual void onCheckStateChanged (const Qt::CheckState &checkState)
virtual void onTranslationXChanged (const QVariant &fTransX)
virtual void onTranslationYChanged (const QVariant &fTransY)
virtual void onTranslationZChanged (const QVariant &fTransZ)
virtual void onScaleChanged (const QVariant &fScale)
virtual void onColorChanged (const QVariant &color)
virtual void onAlphaChanged (const QVariant &fAlpha)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DISP3DLIB::Renderable3DEntity
virtual void setMaterialParameterRecursive (QObject *pObject, const QVariant &data, const QString &sParameterName)
virtual QPair< bool, QVariant > getMaterialParameterRecursive (QObject *pObject, const QString &sParameterName)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bIsDataInit
QPointer< GpuInterpolationMaterialm_pGPUMaterial
QPointer< CustomMeshm_pCustomMesh
QPointer< Qt3DRender::QComputeCommand > m_pComputeCommand
QPointer< QT_COMPATIBILITY_3D::QBuffer > m_pInterpolationMatBuffer
QPointer< QT_COMPATIBILITY_3D::QBuffer > m_pOutputColorBuffer
QPointer< QT_COMPATIBILITY_3D::QBuffer > m_pSignalDataBuffer
- Protected Attributes inherited from DISP3DLIB::Abstract3DTreeItem
int m_iType
QPointer< MetaTreeItemm_pItemTransformationOptions
QPointer< MetaTreeItemm_pItemAppearanceOptions
- Protected Attributes inherited from DISP3DLIB::Renderable3DEntity
QPointer< Qt3DCore::QTransform > m_pTransform
float m_fScale
float m_fRotX
float m_fRotY
float m_fRotZ
QVector3D m_position

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from DISP3DLIB::Abstract3DTreeItem
void checkStateChanged (const Qt::CheckState &checkState)
- Signals inherited from DISP3DLIB::Renderable3DEntity
void scaleChanged (float scale)
void rotXChanged (float rotX)
void rotYChanged (float rotY)
void rotZChanged (float rotZ)
void positionChanged (QVector3D position)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DISP3DLIB::Abstract3DTreeItem
static Eigen::MatrixX4f createVertColor (int numVert, const QColor &color=QColor(0, 49, 69))
- Properties inherited from DISP3DLIB::Renderable3DEntity
float scale
float rotX
float rotY
float rotZ
QVector3D position

Detailed Description

This item is used for signal interpolation with GPU support.

This item is used for signal interpolation with GPU support.

Definition at line 98 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstSPtr

Const shared pointer type for GpuInterpolationItem.

Definition at line 104 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

◆ SPtr

Shared pointer type for GpuInterpolationItem.

Definition at line 103 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GpuInterpolationItem()

GpuInterpolationItem::GpuInterpolationItem ( Qt3DCore::QEntity *  p3DEntityParent = Q_NULLPTR,
int  iType = Data3DTreeModelItemTypes::GpuInterpolationItem,
const QString &  text = "3D Plot" 

Default constructor.

[in]p3DEntityParentThe parent 3D entity.
[in]iTypeThe type of the item. See types.h for declaration and definition.
[in]textThe text of this item. This is also by default the displayed name of the item in a view.

Definition at line 75 of file gpuinterpolationitem.cpp.

◆ ~GpuInterpolationItem()

GpuInterpolationItem::~GpuInterpolationItem ( )

Default destructor.

Definition at line 88 of file gpuinterpolationitem.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addNewRtData()

void GpuInterpolationItem::addNewRtData ( const Eigen::VectorXf &  tSignalVec)

Add a new vector with signal data form the sensors.

[in]tSignalVecVector with one float value for each sensor.

Definition at line 208 of file gpuinterpolationitem.cpp.

◆ buildInterpolationMatrixBuffer()

QByteArray GpuInterpolationItem::buildInterpolationMatrixBuffer ( QSharedPointer< Eigen::SparseMatrix< float > >  pMatInterpolationMatrix)

Build the content of the Interpolation matrix buffer.

[in]pMatInterpolationMatrixThe Interpolation matrix.
Interpolation matrix is byte array form.

Definition at line 257 of file gpuinterpolationitem.cpp.

◆ buildZeroBuffer()

QByteArray GpuInterpolationItem::buildZeroBuffer ( const uint  tSize)

Build buffer filled with 0.0f.

[in]tSizeNumber of zeros.
Buffer content.

Definition at line 289 of file gpuinterpolationitem.cpp.

◆ initData()

void GpuInterpolationItem::initData ( const Eigen::MatrixX3f &  matVertices,
const Eigen::MatrixX3f &  matNormals,
const Eigen::MatrixX3i &  matTriangles 

Initialize interpolation data of this item.

[in]matVerticesThe surface vertices.
[in]matNormalsThe surface normals.
[in]matTrianglesThe surface triangles.

Definition at line 97 of file gpuinterpolationitem.cpp.

◆ setColormapType()

void GpuInterpolationItem::setColormapType ( const QString &  tColormapType)

This function sets the colormap type

[in]tColormapTypeThe new colormap name.

Definition at line 239 of file gpuinterpolationitem.cpp.

◆ setInterpolationMatrix()

void GpuInterpolationItem::setInterpolationMatrix ( QSharedPointer< Eigen::SparseMatrix< float > >  pMatInterpolationMatrix)

Set the new Interpolation matrix for the interpolation.

[in]pMatInterpolationMatrixThe new Interpolation matrix for interpolation on the bem surface.

Definition at line 146 of file gpuinterpolationitem.cpp.

◆ setThresholds()

void GpuInterpolationItem::setThresholds ( const QVector3D &  tVecThresholds)

This function set the normalization value.

[in]vecThresholdsThe new threshold values used for normalizing the data.

Definition at line 231 of file gpuinterpolationitem.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bIsDataInit

bool DISP3DLIB::GpuInterpolationItem::m_bIsDataInit

The data initialization flag.

Definition at line 189 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

◆ m_pComputeCommand

QPointer<Qt3DRender::QComputeCommand> DISP3DLIB::GpuInterpolationItem::m_pComputeCommand

The compute command defines the work group size for the compute shader code execution .

Definition at line 194 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

◆ m_pCustomMesh

QPointer<CustomMesh> DISP3DLIB::GpuInterpolationItem::m_pCustomMesh

The actual mesh information (vertices, normals, colors).

Definition at line 193 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

◆ m_pGPUMaterial

QPointer<GpuInterpolationMaterial> DISP3DLIB::GpuInterpolationItem::m_pGPUMaterial

Compute material used for the process.

Definition at line 191 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

◆ m_pInterpolationMatBuffer

QPointer<QT_COMPATIBILITY_3D::QBuffer> DISP3DLIB::GpuInterpolationItem::m_pInterpolationMatBuffer

The QBuffer/GLBuffer holding the interpolation matrix data.

Definition at line 196 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

◆ m_pOutputColorBuffer

QPointer<QT_COMPATIBILITY_3D::QBuffer> DISP3DLIB::GpuInterpolationItem::m_pOutputColorBuffer

The QBuffer/GLBuffer holding the output color (interpolated) data.

Definition at line 197 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

◆ m_pSignalDataBuffer

QPointer<QT_COMPATIBILITY_3D::QBuffer> DISP3DLIB::GpuInterpolationItem::m_pSignalDataBuffer

The QBuffer/GLBuffer holding the signal data.

Definition at line 198 of file gpuinterpolationitem.h.

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