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FWDLIB::ComputeFwd Class Reference

Compute Forward implementation. More...

#include <compute_fwd.h>

Public Types

typedef QSharedPointer< ComputeFwdSPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< const ComputeFwdConstSPtr

Public Member Functions

 ComputeFwd (ComputeFwdSettings::SPtr pSettings)
virtual ~ComputeFwd ()
void calculateFwd ()
void updateHeadPos (FIFFLIB::FiffCoordTransOld *transDevHeadOld)
void storeFwd (const QString &sSolName="default")

Public Attributes

QSharedDataPointer< FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrixsol
QSharedDataPointer< FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrixsol_grad
QSharedDataPointer< FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrixm_meg_forward
QSharedDataPointer< FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrixm_meg_forward_grad
QSharedDataPointer< FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrixm_eeg_forward
QSharedDataPointer< FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrixm_eeg_forward_grad
QString qPath
QFile file

Detailed Description

Compute Forward implementation.

Implements the compute forward solution

Definition at line 100 of file compute_fwd.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstSPtr

typedef QSharedPointer<const ComputeFwd> FWDLIB::ComputeFwd::ConstSPtr

Const shared pointer type for ComputeFwd.

Definition at line 104 of file compute_fwd.h.

◆ SPtr

typedef QSharedPointer<ComputeFwd> FWDLIB::ComputeFwd::SPtr

Shared pointer type for ComputeFwd.

Definition at line 103 of file compute_fwd.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ComputeFwd()

ComputeFwd::ComputeFwd ( ComputeFwdSettings::SPtr  pSettings)

Default Constructor

[in]p_settingsThe pointer that contains the setting information.

Definition at line 1822 of file compute_fwd.cpp.

◆ ~ComputeFwd()

ComputeFwd::~ComputeFwd ( )

Destructs the Compute Forward solution class

Definition at line 1836 of file compute_fwd.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ calculateFwd()

void ComputeFwd::calculateFwd ( )

calculate Forward solution

Definition at line 2232 of file compute_fwd.cpp.

◆ storeFwd()

void ComputeFwd::storeFwd ( const QString &  sSolName = "default")

Store Forward solution with given name. It defaults the name specified in ComputeFwdSettings::settings->solname.

[in]sSolNameThe file name to store the currnt forward solution.

Definition at line 2448 of file compute_fwd.cpp.

◆ updateHeadPos()

void ComputeFwd::updateHeadPos ( FIFFLIB::FiffCoordTransOld transDevHeadOld)

Update the heaposition with meg_head_t and recalculate the forward solution for meg

[in]transDevHeadOldThe meg <-> head transformation to use for updating head position.

Definition at line 2324 of file compute_fwd.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_eeg_forward

QSharedDataPointer<FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrix> FWDLIB::ComputeFwd::m_eeg_forward

The EEG forward calculation.

Definition at line 149 of file compute_fwd.h.

◆ m_eeg_forward_grad

QSharedDataPointer<FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrix> FWDLIB::ComputeFwd::m_eeg_forward_grad

The EEG gradient forward calculation

Definition at line 150 of file compute_fwd.h.

◆ m_meg_forward

QSharedDataPointer<FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrix> FWDLIB::ComputeFwd::m_meg_forward

The MEG forward calculation.

Definition at line 147 of file compute_fwd.h.

◆ m_meg_forward_grad

QSharedDataPointer<FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrix> FWDLIB::ComputeFwd::m_meg_forward_grad

The MEG gradient forward calculation

Definition at line 148 of file compute_fwd.h.

◆ sol

QSharedDataPointer<FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrix> FWDLIB::ComputeFwd::sol

Forward solution (will be part of fwdSolution once rafactored).

Definition at line 144 of file compute_fwd.h.

◆ sol_grad

QSharedDataPointer<FIFFLIB::FiffNamedMatrix> FWDLIB::ComputeFwd::sol_grad

Forward solution (Grad) (will be part of fwdSolution once rafactored).

Definition at line 145 of file compute_fwd.h.

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