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INVERSELIB::HPIFitData Class Reference

HPI Fit algorithm data structure. More...

#include <hpifitdata.h>

Public Types

typedef QSharedPointer< HPIFitDataSPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< const HPIFitDataConstSPtr

Public Member Functions

 HPIFitData ()
void doDipfitConcurrent ()

Public Attributes

Eigen::MatrixXd m_coilPos
Eigen::RowVectorXd m_sensorData
DipFitError m_errorInfo
SensorSet m_sensors
Eigen::MatrixXd m_matProjector
int m_iMaxIterations
float m_fAbortError

Protected Member Functions

Eigen::MatrixXd magnetic_dipole (Eigen::MatrixXd matPos, Eigen::MatrixXd matPnt, Eigen::MatrixXd matOri)
Eigen::MatrixXd compute_leadfield (const Eigen::MatrixXd &matPos, const SensorSet &sensors)
DipFitError dipfitError (const Eigen::MatrixXd &matPos, const Eigen::MatrixXd &matData, const SensorSet &sensors, const Eigen::MatrixXd &matProjectors)
Eigen::MatrixXd fminsearch (const Eigen::MatrixXd &matPos, int iMaxiter, int iMaxfun, int iDisplay, const Eigen::MatrixXd &matData, const Eigen::MatrixXd &matProjectors, const SensorSet &sensors, int &iSimplexNumitr)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool compare (HPISortStruct a, HPISortStruct b)

Detailed Description

HPI Fit algorithm data structure.

HPI Fit algorithm data structure.

Definition at line 108 of file hpifitdata.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstSPtr

typedef QSharedPointer<const HPIFitData> INVERSELIB::HPIFitData::ConstSPtr

Const shared pointer type for HPIFitData.

Definition at line 113 of file hpifitdata.h.

◆ SPtr

typedef QSharedPointer<HPIFitData> INVERSELIB::HPIFitData::SPtr

Shared pointer type for HPIFitData.

Definition at line 112 of file hpifitdata.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HPIFitData()

HPIFitData::HPIFitData ( )

Default constructor.

Definition at line 74 of file hpifitdata.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compare()

bool HPIFitData::compare ( HPISortStruct  a,
HPISortStruct  b 

Compare function for sorting

Definition at line 215 of file hpifitdata.cpp.

◆ compute_leadfield()

Eigen::MatrixXd HPIFitData::compute_leadfield ( const Eigen::MatrixXd &  matPos,
const SensorSet sensors 

compute_leadfield computes a forward solution for a dipole in a a volume conductor model. The forward solution is expressed as the leadfield matrix (Nchan*3), where each column corresponds with the potential or field distributions on all sensors for one of the x,y,z-orientations of the dipole. The function has been compared with matlab ft_compute_leadfield and it gives same output.

Definition at line 166 of file hpifitdata.cpp.

◆ dipfitError()

DipFitError HPIFitData::dipfitError ( const Eigen::MatrixXd &  matPos,
const Eigen::MatrixXd &  matData,
const SensorSet sensors,
const Eigen::MatrixXd &  matProjectors 

dipfitError computes the error between measured and model data and can be used for non-linear fitting of dipole position. The function has been compared with matlab dipfit_error and it gives same output

Definition at line 180 of file hpifitdata.cpp.

◆ doDipfitConcurrent()

void HPIFitData::doDipfitConcurrent ( )

dipfit function is adapted from Fieldtrip Software.

Definition at line 81 of file hpifitdata.cpp.

◆ fminsearch()

Eigen::MatrixXd HPIFitData::fminsearch ( const Eigen::MatrixXd &  matPos,
int  iMaxiter,
int  iMaxfun,
int  iDisplay,
const Eigen::MatrixXd &  matData,
const Eigen::MatrixXd &  matProjectors,
const SensorSet sensors,
int &  iSimplexNumitr 

fminsearch Multidimensional unconstrained nonlinear minimization (Nelder-Mead). X = fminsearch(X0, iMaxiter, iMaxfun, iDisplay, matData, sensors) starts at X0 and attempts to find a local minimizer

Definition at line 222 of file hpifitdata.cpp.

◆ magnetic_dipole()

Eigen::MatrixXd HPIFitData::magnetic_dipole ( Eigen::MatrixXd  matPos,
Eigen::MatrixXd  matPnt,
Eigen::MatrixXd  matOri 

magnetic_dipole leadfield for a magnetic dipole in an infinite medium. The function has been compared with matlab magnetic_dipole and it gives same output.

Definition at line 111 of file hpifitdata.cpp.

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