MNE-CPP  0.1.9
A Framework for Electrophysiology
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file  cosinefilter.cpp [code]
 Definition of the CosineFilter class.
file  cosinefilter.h [code]
 Declaration of the CosineFilter class.
file  filterio.cpp [code]
 Definition of the FilterIO class.
file  filterio.h [code]
 FilterIO class declaration.
file  filterkernel.cpp [code]
 Contains all FilterKernel.
file  filterkernel.h [code]
 The FilterKernel class represents a filter object that generates the FIR filter coefficients using Park's McClellan's filter design algorithm [1] and offers a overlap-add method [2] for frequency filtering of an input sequence. In this regard, the filter coefficients of a certain filter order are zero-padded to fill a length of an multiple integer of a power of 2 in order to efficiently compute a FFT. The length of the FFT is given by the next power of 2 of the length of the input sequence. In order to avoid circular-convolution, the input sequence is given by the FFT-length-NumFilterTaps.
file  parksmcclellan.cpp [code]
file  parksmcclellan.h [code]