MNE-CPP  0.1.9
A Framework for Electrophysiology
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INVERSELIB::mshMegEegData Struct Reference

Public Attributes

char * meas_file
char * inv_file
char * mri_trans_file
int nave
float raw_tmin
float raw_tmax
int sample
int firstp
int np
float tmin
float tmax
float picked_time
int have_picked
double abs_picked_time
int * bads
int * sels
char * selname
MNELIB::mneLayout lout
mshScales scales
float * custom_data
char * custom_desc
mnePref mne_prefs
float * cur_vals
MNELIB::MneMshColorScaleDef scale
fieldMappingData meg_mapping
fieldMappingData meg_mapping_head
fieldMappingData eeg_mapping
fieldMappingPref mapping_pref
void * dipole_fit_setup
mneUserFreeFunc dipole_fit_setup_free
void * user_data
mneUserFreeFunc user_data_free

Detailed Description

Definition at line 299 of file analyze_types.h.

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