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MNELIB::MneSurfaceOld Class Reference

This defines a surface. More...

#include <mne_surface_old.h>

Public Types

typedef QSharedPointer< MneSurfaceOldSPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< const MneSurfaceOldConstSPtr
- Public Types inherited from MNELIB::MneSurfaceOrVolume
typedef QSharedPointer< MneSurfaceOrVolumeSPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< const MneSurfaceOrVolumeConstSPtr

Public Member Functions

 MneSurfaceOld ()
 ~MneSurfaceOld ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MNELIB::MneSurfaceOrVolume
 MneSurfaceOrVolume ()
virtual ~MneSurfaceOrVolume ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MNELIB::MneSurfaceOrVolume
static double solid_angle (float *from, MNELIB::MneTriangle *tri)
static double sum_solids (float *from, MneSurfaceOld *surf)
static int mne_filter_source_spaces (MneSurfaceOld *surf, float limit, FIFFLIB::FiffCoordTransOld *mri_head_t, MneSourceSpaceOld **spaces, int nspace, FILE *filtered)
static int mne_add_patch_stats (MneSourceSpaceOld *s)
static void rearrange_source_space (MneSourceSpaceOld *s)
static void * filter_source_space (void *arg)
static int filter_source_spaces (float limit, char *bemfile, FIFFLIB::FiffCoordTransOld *mri_head_t, MneSourceSpaceOld **spaces, int nspace, FILE *filtered, bool use_threads)
static MneSourceSpaceOldmake_volume_source_space (MneSurfaceOld *surf, float grid, float exclude, float mindist)
static MneSourceSpaceOldmne_new_source_space (int np)
static MneSurfaceOldread_bem_surface (const QString &name, int which, int add_geometry, float *sigmap)
static MneSurfaceOldmne_read_bem_surface2 (char *name, int which, int add_geometry, float *sigmap)
static MneSurfaceOldread_bem_surface (const QString &name, int which, int add_geometry, float *sigmap, bool check_too_many_neighbors)
static void mne_triangle_coords (float *r, MneSurfaceOld *s, int tri, float *x, float *y, float *z)
static int nearest_triangle_point (float *r, MneSurfaceOld *s, void *user, int tri, float *x, float *y, float *z)
static void project_to_triangle (MneSurfaceOld *s, int tri, float p, float q, float *r)
static int mne_nearest_triangle_point (float *r, MneSurfaceOld *s, int tri, float *x, float *y, float *z)
static int mne_project_to_surface (MneSurfaceOld *s, void *proj_data, float *r, int project_it, float *distp)
static void mne_project_to_triangle (MneSurfaceOld *s, int best, float *r, float *proj)
static void mne_find_closest_on_surface_approx (MneSurfaceOld *s, float **r, int np, int *nearest, float *dist, int nstep)
static void decide_search_restriction (MneSurfaceOld *s, MneProjData *p, int approx_best, int nstep, float *r)
static void activate_neighbors (MneSurfaceOld *s, int start, int *act, int nstep)
static int mne_read_source_spaces (const QString &name, MneSourceSpaceOld ***spacesp, int *nspacep)
static void mne_source_space_update_inuse (MneSourceSpaceOld *s, int *new_inuse)
static int mne_is_left_hemi_source_space (MneSourceSpaceOld *s)
static int mne_transform_source_space (MneSourceSpaceOld *ss, FIFFLIB::FiffCoordTransOld *t)
static int mne_transform_source_spaces_to (int coord_frame, FIFFLIB::FiffCoordTransOld *t, MneSourceSpaceOld **spaces, int nspace)
static void enable_all_sources (MneSourceSpaceOld *s)
static int restrict_sources_to_labels (MneSourceSpaceOld **spaces, int nspace, const QStringList &labels, int nlabel)
static int mne_find_sources_in_label (char *label, MneSourceSpaceOld *s, int off, int **selp, int *nselp)
static int mne_read_label (const QString &label, char **commentp, int **selp, int *nselp)
static int mne_write_label (char *label, char *comment, int *sel, int nsel, float **rr)
static int mne_label_area (char *label, MneSourceSpaceOld *s, float *areap)
static void mne_add_triangle_data (MneSourceSpaceOld *s)
static void mne_compute_cm (float **rr, int np, float *cm)
static void mne_compute_surface_cm (MneSurfaceOld *s)
static void calculate_vertex_distances (MneSourceSpaceOld *s)
static int mne_add_vertex_normals (MneSourceSpaceOld *s)
static int add_geometry_info (MneSourceSpaceOld *s, int do_normals, int *border, int check_too_many_neighbors)
static int mne_source_space_add_geometry_info (MneSourceSpaceOld *s, int do_normals)
static int mne_source_space_add_geometry_info2 (MneSourceSpaceOld *s, int do_normals)
static int align_fiducials (FIFFLIB::FiffDigitizerData *head_dig, FIFFLIB::FiffDigitizerData *mri_dig, MneMshDisplaySurface *head_surf, int niter, int scale_head, float omit_dist, float *scales)
static void get_head_scale (FIFFLIB::FiffDigitizerData *dig, float **mri_fid, MneMshDisplaySurface *head_surf, float *scales)
static int discard_outlier_digitizer_points (FIFFLIB::FiffDigitizerData *d, MneMshDisplaySurface *head, float maxdist)
static void calculate_digitizer_distances (FIFFLIB::FiffDigitizerData *dig, MneMshDisplaySurface *head, int do_all, int do_approx)
static int iterate_alignment_once (FIFFLIB::FiffDigitizerData *dig, MneMshDisplaySurface *head, int nasion_weight, float *nasion_mri, int last_step)
static float rms_digitizer_distance (FIFFLIB::FiffDigitizerData *dig, MneMshDisplaySurface *head)
static void scale_display_surface (MneMshDisplaySurface *surf, float *scales)
static void add_uniform_curv (MneSurfaceOld *s)
static char * mne_compose_surf_name (const char *subj, const char *name, const char *prefix)
static MneSourceSpaceOldmne_load_surface (char *surf_file, char *curv_file)
static MneSourceSpaceOldmne_load_surface_geom (char *surf_file, char *curv_file, int add_geometry, int check_too_many_neighbors)
static int mne_read_triangle_file (char *fname, int *nvertp, int *ntrip, float ***vertp, int ***trip, void **tagsp)
static int mne_read_curvature_file (char *fname, float **curvsp, int *ncurvp)
static int check_quad (float **rr)
static int check_vertex (int no, int maxno)
static MneVolGeommne_get_volume_geom_from_tag (void *tagsp)
static MneVolGeommne_dup_vol_geom (MneVolGeom *g)
static int mne_read_mgh_tags (FILE *fp, void **tagsp)
static int read_next_tag (FILE *fp, int *tagp, long long *lenp, unsigned char **datap)
static int read_tag_data (FILE *fp, int tag, long long nbytes, unsigned char **val, long long *nbytesp)
static MneMghTagGroupmne_add_mgh_tag_to_group (MneMghTagGroup *g, int tag, long long len, unsigned char *data)
static MneVolGeomread_vol_geom (FILE *fp)
static int mne_read_int3 (FILE *in, int *ival)
static int mne_read_int (FILE *in, qint32 *ival)
static int mne_read_int2 (FILE *in, int *ival)
static int mne_read_float (FILE *in, float *fval)
static int mne_read_long (FILE *in, long long *lval)
static char * mne_strdup (const char *s)
- Public Attributes inherited from MNELIB::MneSurfaceOrVolume
int type
QString subject
int id
int coord_frame
void * mgh_tags
int np
float ** rr
float ** nn
float cm [3]
int * inuse
int * vertno
int nuse
int ** neighbor_vert
int * nneighbor_vert
float ** vert_dist
int ntri
int ** itris
float tot_area
int nuse_tri
int ** use_itris
int ** neighbor_tri
int * nneighbor_tri
MnePatchInfo ** patches
int npatch
float dist_limit
float * curv
float * val
int vol_dims [3]
float voxel_size [3]
QString MRI_volume
int MRI_vol_dims [3]
void * user_data
mneUserFreeFunc user_data_free

Detailed Description

This defines a surface.

Implements the MNE Surface (Replaces typedef mneSurfaceOrVolume mneSurface; struct of MNE-C mne_types.h).

Definition at line 76 of file mne_surface_old.h.

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstSPtr

typedef QSharedPointer<const MneSurfaceOld> MNELIB::MneSurfaceOld::ConstSPtr

Const shared pointer type for MneSurfaceOld.

Definition at line 80 of file mne_surface_old.h.

◆ SPtr

typedef QSharedPointer<MneSurfaceOld> MNELIB::MneSurfaceOld::SPtr

Shared pointer type for MneSurfaceOld.

Definition at line 79 of file mne_surface_old.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MneSurfaceOld()

MneSurfaceOld::MneSurfaceOld ( )

Constructs the MNE Surface

Definition at line 54 of file mne_surface_old.cpp.

◆ ~MneSurfaceOld()

MneSurfaceOld::~MneSurfaceOld ( )

Destroys the MNE Surface Refactored: (.c)

Definition at line 60 of file mne_surface_old.cpp.

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