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Github Actions

MNE-CPP facilitates Github Actions to do continous integration (CI). Github Actions operates on Github events which trigger so called workflows. You can read more on the terminology here. Currently, the following Github events trigger MNE-CPP’s CI pipeline:

Event type Workflow Name Workflow Script Effect
Pull Requests PullRequest pullrequest.yml Triggers checks to run on the PR code.
Pushes/Merges to main Linux|MacOS|Win|WASM release.yml Triggers the Development Release binaries to be updated with the most recently pushed changes. This workflow basically follows the idea of nightly builds.
Publishing a new release with tag syntax v0.x.y Linux|MacOS|Win|WASM release.yml Triggers stable release processing steps described in more detail here.
Pushes to the docu branch DocuTest docutest.yml Creates a new version of the documentation website and makes them accessible via the repository’s gh-pages branch.
Pushes to the wasm branch WasmTest wasmtest.yml Creates new versions of the WebAssembly capable MNE-CPP applications and makes them accessible via the repository’s gh-pages branch.
Pushes to the testci branch TestCI testci.yml Triggers checks to run cross-platform build setups and tests without the need to create a Github PR.
Timer runs out Coverity coverity.yml Triggers every two days to run Coverity static code analysis tools.
Pushes to the generateqt branch BuildQtBinaries buildqtbinaries.yml Triggers builds of all needed Qt versions and makes them accesible as artifacts via the Github Actions interface.