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The BrainFlow plugin adds data acquisition for several EEG amplifiers to MNE Scan. For more information about the BrainFlow project please see:

Compilation of the BrainFlow Submodule

Make sure that you have brainflow git submodule by typing:

git submodule update --init applications/mne_scan/plugins/brainflowboard/brainflow

Build it as a regular Cmake project. For MSVC you need to ensure that you use exactly the same Cmake generator as for MNE-CPP. Also, you need to specify MSVC_RUNTIME as dynamic (default is static) and set the -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=..\installed flag. For compilation with MSVC 2015 on a 64bit system do:

cd mne-cpp\applications\mne_scan\plugins\brainflowboard\brainflow\
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" -DMSVC_RUNTIME=dynamic -DCMAKE_SYSTEM_VERSION=8.1 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="..\\installed" ..
cmake --build . --target install --config Release

For a MSVC 2017 build you need to use Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64 instead.

Compilation of the BrainFlowBoard Plugin in MNE Scan

  • After the steps above make sure that you use the MNECPP_CONFIG flag withBrainFlow. You can also set the flag manually in the mne-cpp.pri file.
  • Build MNE Scan.
  • BrainFlow has several dynamic libraries and a JSON file which must be in your search path before you run MNE Scan. You need to copypaste all dynamic libraries and the brainflow_boards.json file to your executable folder mne-cpp\out\Release\apps\ from mne-cpp\applications\mne_scan\plugins\brainflowboard\brainflow\installed\lib.

BrainFlowBoard Plugin GUI

  • You need to provide all inputs required for the selected board and click Submit Params and Prepare Session button. For information about inputs in BraiFlowBoard plugin widget use this table.
  • You can now start data streaming using the play button.
  • If you need to change board or other parameters click Release Session button and create a new one.
  • [Optional] if you need to send a config command to a board, open setting widget and enter a config command.