Download MNE-CPP

Stable Releases

Version Release Download link
0.1.9 2021-02-26 Windows Linux MacOS

See the changelog to see what features where added in each release version.

This is the quickest way to get MNE-CPP up and running on your machine.

1. Download MNE-CPP.

Select your version and platform. Download the latest stable release for the best stability.

2. Unzip the downloaded file.

Extract the downloaded build into a folder on your machine

3. Select the tool you wish to use from the bin folder.

In the bin folder, you will find:

  • A real-time analysis application: MNE-Scan.
  • An offline visualization/analysis application: MNE Analyze.
  • An anonymization/deidentification tool for FIF files: MNE Anonymize.

Using the latest stable release is recommended for users who wish to use MNE-CPP’s command line tools and GUIs. But if you want to check out the latest features, try downloading the development versions.

We are also developing some of our aplications so that they can run directly on the browser. No need to install anything! See On the browser.

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