Git Workflow

This part is focused on giving a short overview of git commands that should cover the general git workflow in MNE-CPP. For further information you can check out this Git tutorial video.

The first steps to get started, as described in the build guide, are:

git clone<YourGitUserName>/mne-cpp.git
git remote add upstream
git fetch --all
git rebase upstream/main

The general workflow is covered by the following steps:

  • Create a new branch from main:
git checkout -b <branchName> main
  • Get the latest changes and rebase:
git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/main
  • Solve merge conflicts, if they occure.

  • Make your changes and check the status:

git status
  • Add unstaged changes (colored in red) to prepare next commit:
git add <changedFileName>
git add --all
  • Commit the added files (colored in green in status report) and add a meaningful message about what changed and why (have a look at our commit policy):
git commit -m "Fix: meaningful commit message"
git commit --all
  • If you make small changes that are related to the previous commit, you can amend your changes to the previous commit with:
git commit -m "Fix: meaningful commit message" --amend
  • Push your changes to origin (your MNE-CPP fork on GitHub). Pleaes note that a force push via -f might be necessary if you rebased:
git push origin <branchName>
git push origin <branchName> -f